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ARTisTRy Tutorial: How to Screen Print

Welcome to ARTisTRY Classes! Today we will be going over the process of Silk Screen Printing! In this video we will review where to buy the necessary material and how to properly utilize them when printing on…

Digital Gallery Sneak Peek: Caitlyn Clark

Our fourth featured artist is Caitlyn Clark! Caitlyn uses a variety of techniques and materials to make her scupltures come to life. Here is a peek at one of her recent projects.

Getting Creative with Productivity

By Melissa Griffin

It seems like many people are using our current social distancing requirements as an opportunity to learn new things, be more creative or hone a skill. At least that’s the picture being painted on social media…

How to Interact with the Arts

By Tara Bennett

Social distancing has become ingrained as a part of everyday life as the United States works to contain the spreading coronavirus. While this practice is an important and essential aspect of keeping COVID-19 in check, it…

You know, you're really good at...

By Melissa Griffin

Do you ever think about all the little moments that have led you to where you are right now?  There's a song by singer/songwriter Mason Jennings that says "Where would I be right now if all…

Free Z Arts Drawing Lesson

Learn how to transform shapes into characters with HRAC board member and Tangipahoa art teacher Shayla Kelly in this free Z Arts video tutorial.

Digital Gallery Sneak Peek: Jose Canales

Art does not stop! Welcome to out digital Sneak Peek series, featuring artists from the Mezzanine Gallery. Jose Canales specializes in silkscreen printing and is scheduled to have an exhibition this summer.

Virtual Museum

Even if you don't consider yourself a patron of the arts, you can (and should) explore some of the most celebrated and influential works of art in history. For the first time in history, we have the ability to be …

Sparks of Creativity

     The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.  – Pablo Picasso 

At the Hammond Regional Arts Center, we value creativity and imagination!  The best way to spark creativity is to allow yourself to…