I heART Summer: Chalk Sundial

Did you know that shadows can help in telling the time of day? A Sidewalk Chalk Sundial teaches kids how to keep time the way ancient civilizations used to do! You’ll need to do this on a bright sunny…

I heART Summer: Glass Bead Sun Catcher Wind Chime

A glass bead sun catcher and wind chime is a fun and festive addition to any yard or porch.  While it takes some time and patience to create, the final product is well worth it.  We recommend this project for…

Tutorial Tuesdays: Pennies


It's time for #TutorialTuesday! This week features pennies!

If you make something, show it off to us by tagging us on social media!


DIYs for Adults & Kids

Pixel Art

Penny Vase


Art Talk Thursday: Ben Diller

Welcome to another #ArtTalkThursday! Today we will be taking a look at artist Ben Diller, and his site-specific artwork that he created for his very own home! 

For more of Diller's work, please visit his website at https://bendillerart.com/.

Art Talk Thursday: Chandler Damrill

Welcome to Art Talk Thursday! Today we will be taking a look at Chandler Damrill's work process in one of his most recent art series. Damrill's sculpture work makes his audience question what they are comfortable with by creating…

ARTisTRy Tutorial: How to Screen Print

Welcome to ARTisTRY Classes! Today we will be going over the process of Silk Screen Printing! In this video we will review where to buy the necessary material and how to properly utilize them when printing on…

Digital Gallery Sneak Peek: Caitlyn Clark

Our fourth featured artist is Caitlyn Clark! Caitlyn uses a variety of techniques and materials to make her scupltures come to life. Here is a peek at one of her recent projects.