Artist of the Week - Piet Mondrian

Dutch modern painter Piet Modrian is best known for his 1920’s works of art that feature only horizontal and vertical lines along with black, white and primary colors. These pieces reflect his belief that objects must be simplified down to their basic elements to reveal their energy and balance. Though he began his artistic career as a traditional landscape painter, his artistic work evolved and progressed until they were purely abstract versions of modern reality. 

  • Spend time exploring Piet's work, then try your hand at making your own. Legos are a fun way to recreate a Mondrian painting. 
  • Use bold bright colors in your work. Piet worked with the three primary colors, but see what inspires you. 
  • Mondrian started out with realistic paintings, of trees especially. Be inspired by starting out in one medium but finding success in another.

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