Chalk Sundial

Did you know that shadows can help in telling the time of day? A Sidewalk Chalk Sundial teaches kids how to keep time the way ancient civilizations used to do! You’ll need to do this on a bright sunny day for best results. Grab your sidewalk chalk and get ready to be amazed at how much your child’s shadow changes throughout the day.


Materials Needed:

Sidewalk Chalk


1. On a day forecast to be sunny, head out in the morning with your child and to a flat, paved area that gets good sun exposure most of the day. Stand still and have him or her use sidewalk chalk to trace the outline of your (or a friend/sibling’s) shadow. Mark the spot where you were standing and write down the time next to the shadow or in a journal. 

2. Set a timer for an hour. When it goes off, head to the same spot and have your child trace the shadow again in a different color. 

3. Repeat several times during the day to record how your shadow’s position and shape shifts.

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