Playing the Staircase

The Hammond Regional Arts Center is pleased to announce the launch of its original listening room series, "Playing the Staircase." This exciting new concept to Hammond, Louisiana will see the Hammond Regional Arts Center transform into an intimate listening room for original, acoustic music designed to expand the Arts Center’s mission into the audio arts.

"Playing the Staircase" will feature local and regional musicians playing on the landing of the HRAC staircase and give audiences an intimate listening room to enjoy original lyrics and music. Each session of “Playing the Staircase” will occur the last Friday of the month with musicians performing from 6-8 p.m. These events are B.Y.O.B. Admission to each listening room is $5, and the entirety of the cover will go to the musicians.

The HRAC has had a long history of promoting and presenting original art, theatre, and storytelling and is now pleased to add original music and songwriting to that impressive list.


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Front man and guitarist of Minos the Saint, Peter Simon grew up singing and playing several instruments. He found his creative voice during an extended stay in Spain. His musical calling cards include his first-person lyrical style; his urgent, soulful voice; and the driving yet calculated guitar chops that power the band's songs.

Multi-instrumentalist Ben Herrington lends fullness to the band with his energy and versatility. He uses the keyboard as both a rhythm and lead instrument, and fills the role usually reserved for bass guitar in more conventional rock bands. He also adds a considerable amount of texture on the accordion and trombone - sometimes while simultaneously sustaining a bass line with nearby foot pedals.

Minos the Saint is not what you would call a "traditional" South Louisiana band. Though Baton Rouge is home, their music has as many influences as a well-traveled passport has stamps. Their Cajun and Zydeco roots are also influences by Latin, Jazz, and Eastern European styles, along with a touch of orchestral brass.

Interested in "Playing the Staircase?"

The HRAC will provide an intimate listening room environment, provide and run the sound, market and promote the event through all of our social media, print and radio outlets. We will collect a $5 cover and give the musician the entirety of the funds collected at the door. So in turn, it will be in your best interest to promote your show through all of your media and social contacts as well. The event is B.Y.O.B. Musicians will literally be playing on the landing of the staircase. We will open the doors from 6:00-8:00 p.m. every last Friday of the month. We are currently booking the months of June through November.

If you are interested in "Playing the Staircase" at the Hammond Regional Arts Center, please send a digital press kit including contact information, a high resolution photograph (at least 300 dpi), samples of your music and a biography to

Please also indicate the dates that you are available.

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