27th Annual Hot August Stroll
Saturday, August 24, 2024

Deadline to register is Wednesday, July 24th

The Hammond Downtown Development District (DDD) and Hammond Regional Arts Center (HRAC) are looking forward to hosting a successful Hot August Stroll on Saturday, August 24, 2024. There are multiple opportunities for our DDD brick-and-mortar businesses to participate in Hot August Stroll. After you register below, let the DDD know everything you have planned by completing the Merchant Advertising Application, click here. 

Please read the guidelines below carefully, then register to be one of the Wine & Cheese Stops at the bottom of this page. 


Wine & Cheese Stroll Guidelines

The Wine & Cheese Stroll is an excellent time to reach new customers and strengthen your business relationship with the community.  Cheese pairings will be curated by The Rind Cheese Shop. 

  1. While the Wine & Cheese Stroll is not mandatory, we encourage businesses from every sector to participate!
  2. The Wine & Cheese Stroll fee is $275. The fee includes two (2) cases of wine and a cheese platter from the The Rind Cheese Shop. You will have the option to choose a higher-end wine. The total cost for the high-end wine and a cheese platter will be $320, two (2) cases of wine and a cheese platter.
  3. Registration closes on Wednesday, July 24th. Don't delay! 
  4. All participating businesses will receive two (2) cases of wine, one (1) cheese platter, wine & cheese informational handouts, and wine & cheese stop signage. (Additional wine may be purchased at $110 per case or $135 per premium case.)
  5. New! - Make your Wine & Cheese Stroll experience easy! For an additional $8.00, you can purchase the Wine & Cheese Stroll Convenience Package. The Convenience Package includes a wine bottle opener, a whole punch for the participants' punch cards, and toothpicks to serve your cheese. You will receive these items when you pick up your wine and cheese.
  6. The Wine & Cheese Stroll will run from 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm.  This timeframe was chosen to give customers ample opportunity to eat, shop, dine and more in Downtown all day!
  7. If you have a preference regarding the type of wine you would like to serve, please indicate that in the registration form below. We cannot make guarantees, but are taking your preferences into consideration. Those considerations will be based on the order in which registrations were received. Register today!
  8. Approximately 500 tickets for the Wine & Cheese Stroll will be sold. 
  9. Glasses will be marked for proper pouring (2-ounce pours). Guests will be allotted a certain number of tastings. Punch chards will be utilized to prevent unlimited wine pours. 
  10. Restaurants and bars are encouraged to participate as a “sip & snack” stop. Restaurants and Bars, sign up here. 
  11. Payment: All participating businesses will pay the fee for the Wine & Cheese Stroll online and at the time they submit their registration information. 
  12. Confirmation: Registrations will be reviewed and will be confirmed for participation within 3 business days of your application being submitted. 
  13. Wine & Cheese Pick-Up: Pick-up instructions will be sent to participating businesses by Monday, August 19. Pick-up will take place at the Hammond Regional Arts Center at 217 East Thomas Street.

Pop-Up Businesses: 

Is your businesses outside of walking distance from Railroad Park, but still within the DDD? You can participate in the Wine & Cheese Stroll and/or other activities with a 10'x10' canopy tent on the 100 Block of West Charles Street.

  1. The Downtown Development District will communicate with Pop-Up Merchants regarding set up and tent placement on the 100 Block of West Charles Street after they register here. If you have questions regarding tent placement, contact Michelle Kendall at the DDD at kendall_ml@hammond.org 
  2. Pop-Up Businesses are not required, but encouraged, to participate in the Wine & Cheese Stroll.
  3. Pop-Up Businesses will be provided with a 10 ft x10 ft space to set up their booth at no extra cost. 
  4. Pop-Up Businesses are responsible for providing their own equipment (tables, tents, chairs, extension cords, supplies, etc.)
  5. Pop-Up Businesses are responsible for the setup of their booth. Booths must be set up by 3:30 pm and disassembled by 9:30 pm on the day of the event.
  6. Confirmation: Registrations will be reviewed and will be confirmed for participation within 3 business days of your registration being submitted. 
  7. Set Up Instructions: Set up and loading instructions will be sent to the businesses requesting a pop-up space by Monday, August 19th. This information will be provided by the DDD office.
  8. SPACE IS LIMITED. Register now! Please check the correct box in the registration form indicating your need for a Pop-Up Space.
  9. Guidelines. Please be sure to read and abide by the above guidelines.
  10. Contact. If you have questions about Pop-Up spaces, please contact Michelle Kendall at the DDD at kendall_ml@hammond.org


General Event Information

Permits and Safety:

  1. Any business seeking additional street or parking closures is responsible for their own permits with the City of Hammond.
  2. Any restaurant or bar selling alcohol outside of their business is responsible for acquiring their own ATC permit.
  3. Any business hosting additional outdoor entertainment/activities is responsible for hiring their own security.
  4. Hot August Stroll runs from 4 pm to 8 pm. Any business that chooses to remain open past 8:00 pm is responsible for their own security.

Inclement Weather Clause:

  1. Hot August Stroll is expected to operate rain or shine.
  2. Hot August Stroll may be canceled or postponed in the event of:
    1. A state-issued state of emergency
    2. A severe weather warning
    3. City of Hammond closure
  3. In the event of a cancellation, the Hammond DDD may choose to reschedule the event to a later date. Registered merchants will be expected to participate on the rescheduled date. New information regarding wine and cheese pick-up will be made available to you prior to the new event date.
  4. No refunds will be given to participants of the Wine & Cheese Stroll. Once alcohol is purchased from the distributor, it legally cannot be returned.

Hold-Harmless Clause and Insurance

All authorized vendors participating in Hot August Stroll 2024 shall be individually responsible for any loss, personal injury, deaths, and/or any other damage that may occur as a result of the vendor's negligence or that of its servants, agents and employees, and all vendors hereby agree to indemnify and save the Hammond Downtown Development District and its event partner the Hammond Regional Arts Center harmless from any loss, costs, damages, and other expenses, including attorney's fees, suffered or incurred by the Hammond Downtown Development District and its event partner Hammond Regional Arts Center by reason of the vendors' negligence or that of its servants, agent and employees; provided that the vendors shall not be responsible nor required to indemnify the Hammond Downtown Development District for the Hammond Downtown Development District's own negligence or that of the Hammond Regional Arts Center, or servants, agents and employees. Because no insurance is provided to participants in Hot August Stroll 2024, each vendor is encouraged to carry his/her own product liability insurance.

Thank you for your support of Downtown Hammond and Hot August Stroll!
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